Welcome to Kohutu Farm and the MannaMilk Limited Partnership.


As a Limited Partner (LP) you can obtain your own milk from your own cows, farmed at Kohutu Farm in Manakau, Horowhenua. The partnership has pick-up points in Kapiti, Wellington, the Hutt and the Horowhenua.

Your milk is straight from the cow. It is chilled and bottled – not pasteurised, not homogenised and not skimmed of cream – from a herd of Jersey and Kiwicross cows grazing pasture on the foothills of the Tararuas.

The MannaMilk Limited Partnership is similar to a herdshare.  It does not sell raw milk.  The partnership owns the cows so you get your milk from your herd of cows.  Anyone can join the Partnership.  There is no cost to join and there are no on-going fees.  The payment you make  covers the cost of looking after the cows, milking, bottling and arranging the milk orders.

Simply follow the sign-up steps by reading the LP documents and filling in the online form.  Note, it generally takes a few days wait while your Limited Partnership application is processed through the Companies Office before you can obtain your own milk. We will contact you with a “Welcome to MannaMilk” email when you are officially registered.

Once you are confirmed as a Limited Partner, you can order and pick up your milk from any of the delivery route drop-offs.
Or visit and pick up direct from the farm fridge. We try to ensure there is always milk in the fridge (2L bottles).  For larger amounts please let us know in advance.
We welcome new Limited Partners who would like to try real milk!